Stomping Ground: New call-out for dance artists

Posted on 22 Mar 2021 in News, Performance

Stomping Ground Commission Callout 2021

Deadline for Expressions of Interest - Thursday 29 April at 12pm 

Stomping Ground, a commissioning group comprised of The Place, FESTIVAL.ORG, DanceXchange and Tramway, is inviting proposals for bold and original ideas for dance works made for outdoor spaces.

We are interested in hearing from artists who want to develop ambitious, high-quality work, created for outdoor spaces that can grab the attention & imaginations of audiences. 

We are interested in a range of outdoor practices & presentation formats: we don’t necessarily equate scale to ambition; rather we are looking for ideas which are creatively ambitious.  We are in-terested in supporting compelling ideas originally conceived for the outdoors that have a strong im-pact, and engage across a broad audience base.

We welcome applications for work that could be presented in a range of contexts, whether urban, rural, festival or high street. 
We are offering a commission of £20k towards an original work, and we expect that this will be for presentation from summer 2022.  

For full information and to apply, please follow this link to visit The Place website>