Conversation Piece

Conversation piece
Photo Brett Boardman

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Part of Hot: New Dance and Performance from Australia

We have now removed our online allocation of tickets. You can still purchase tickets from the Tramway Box Office 0845 330 3501.

Each night a different conversation between the performers will occur on stage, creating a mesmerising cultural encounter that changes from one night to the next.

Conversation Piece explores the humorous and frivolous nature of human interactions, as well as the disturbing undercurrents that can run beneath the simplest of conversations.

HOT is curated by Tramway with Robert Walton of Victorian College of Arts, University of Melbourne.

 "Conversation Piece is a crystallisation of the butterfly effect in dance. Three actors and three dancers take a spontaneous, improvised conversation and warp it into movement, arguments, wonder, beauty and violence. In a world where one tweet or Facebook status can cause eruptions, disputes, marriages and murder, Conversation Piece makes you consider how the things we say create ripples through our lives. The form of this work is so fascinating that many audience members in Melbourne visited it several times just to see how the initial conversation changes everything that follows." Robert Walton