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Enough Already

Enough Already
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François Sarhan’s Enough Already is a concert, a film and a play rolled into one, about how irresistible — and impossible — it is to achieve utopia.
Enough Already is centred around two characters — Professor Glaçon, author of an imaginary encyclopaedia full of wonderful, absurd, funny and uncreatable things — and Bobok, a fanatical, naive man who wanders around with the same encyclopaedia under his arm. Bobok desperately wants the wonderful things in Professor Glaçon’s book to be true, against all the evidence that they can’t be — and he is prepared to go to almost any lengths to make them happen.
We follow Bobok’s journey as it begins on stage, and then becomes a silent film with live music and live sound effects. On-stage sound artists provide the accompanying slamming doors, footsteps and lorries passing by, and the musicians of Red Note Ensemble accompany Bobok by singing and narrating live at the same time as playing their instruments.
The five musicians from Red Note Ensemble – previously seen at Tramway in David Shrigley’s Pass the Spoon play a strange assortment of musical instruments including a tubax (which is a sort of ultra-bass saxophone), a Stroh violin (a violin with a gramophone horn attached), and an electronically-controlled church pipe organ.
More than a story, Enough Already is an all-embracing theatrical, musical and filmic experience. Come and let yourself be carried along in Bobok’s absurd, upside-down and hugely entertaining world!
This is the world premiere; the show will tour Europe in 2014.
Enough Already is a co-production between LOD|muziektheater (Belgium) and Red Note Ensemble (Scotland).

"The dream-like blend of action and stop-motion collage is deceptively slick and the creative talents involved integrate seamlessly"

The Scotsman - 4 stars