Extremely Bad Dancing to Extremely French Music

Karl Jay-Lewin

“Fragile, funny, fearless, tender, vulnerable, delicate, curious and sad. It lifted my heart right out of my body … beautifully done.”

Jennifer Cantwell (Designer) on KJ-L at Edinburgh Fringe 2012

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Extremely Bad Dancing to Extremely French Music
is a new collaborative live dance and music work by choreographer Karl Jay-Lewin and composer Matteo Fargion, performed by Karl and pianist Tim Parkinson.

The piece comprises of over 50 discretely made piano, dance and text-based solos, edited around strict rhythmic structures. They span the overtly political, the understated and the oblique, while ranging in temperament and emotion from the extremely calm and extremely harmonic, to the extremely loud and the extremely vulgar. The piece will probably include the extremely undecided and definitely have extremely bad dancing to extremely French music.

Matteo Fargion is a critically acclaimed composer who works in dance and theatre. He is known particularly for his work with Jonathan Burrows and Siobhan Davies.

Karl Jay-Lewin is a choreographer who "clearly has an adroit feel for the absurd."
This week-long Rip It Up residency by Karl Jay-Lewin (joined by Tim Parkinson) culminates in a work in progress performance.


Online booking has now been removed: You can still purchase tickets in person at Tramway or by phone 0845 330 3501