GENERATION's Moving Image Programme

Ben Rivers
Ben Rivers, Origin of the species, 2008, 16mm transferred to video, 16m Courtesy the artist and LUX

Part of GENERATION - 25 years of Contemporary Art in Scotland

As part of GENERATION, Tramway presents a series of curated screenings of artists’ film and video from Scotland by; Steven Cairns (Associate Curator of Artists’ Film and Moving Image, ICA London), George Clark (Assistant Curator of Film, Tate Modern, London), Karen Cunningham (Glasgow-based artist and curator), and Isla Leaver-Yap with Anne-Marie Copestake's Trigger Tonic.


Featuring work by Johanna Billing, Cyprien Gaillard, Ben Rivers
Curated by Karen Cunningham

As a Scottish artist based in Glasgow, Karen Cunningham has selected works that have been made in Scotland by artists of her own generation who are not Scottish and who are not based in the country. Her programme draws connections between the work of artists based in Scotland and their contemporaries in other countries. The collected films and videos draw our attention towards questions of the ways in which we engage with our environment and to the act of bearing witness.

Source Material
Featuring work by Stephen Sutcliffe and Hayley Tompkins
Curated by Steven Cairns

Steven Cairns, Associate Curator of Artists’ Film and Moving Image at the ICA, London, presents a screening that moves between archive and artwork, examining the research material of artists whose work often hinges on personal or existing collections of footage and imagery.

Brain Mail: Glasgow, California
Curated by George Clark

Mapping the intersection between the cities of Glasgow and Los Angeles, this programme is devised by George Clark, Assistant Curator of Film at Tate Modern, London. It explores how artists engage with international networks and the changing ways that images and ideas have circulated over the last twenty-five years. Taking its name from a mid-1990s group show by students of the Glasgow School of Art that took place at the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts), Brain Mail recalls the influential student exchange programme between these two colleges and marks the shift from the analogue traditions of mail art into the rapid digital exchange that defines our data-saturated present.

The Trigger Tonic Compendium
By Anne-Marie Copestake
Presented by Isla Leaver-Yap

In 1999, Glasgow-based artist Anne-Marie Copestake began Trigger Tonic, an ongoing series of recorded interviews between artists, musicians and writers. For each recording, Copestake set simple parameters: she would introduce one Glasgow artist to one visiting artist, and then videotape their unrehearsed encounter. For this screening, Copestake has revisited her Trigger Tonic archive to produce a compendium of interwoven conversations and ideas, dating from 1999 to 2005. The compendium includes appearances by Ellen Cantor, Alec Empire, Bert Jansch, Mark Leckey, Le Tigre, Mary Redmond, Pipilotti Rist, Hayley and Sue Tompkins, Cathy Wilkes, Caroline Woodley and many others. It is presented by Isla Leaver-Yap, who works with artists to produce essays, books, exhibitions and events, and who is based in Glasgow and Minneapolis.