Long Live The Little Knife

Long Live Little Knife
Image: Tommy Ga-Ken Wan

​World premiere.


Be the first to see a brand new work from David Leddy - ‘site-specific genius’ (Scotsman), ‘theatrical maverick’ (FT) and ‘Edinburgh Fringe institution’ (Independent). 
Long Live The Little Knife is a dynamic, absurd and uplifting theatre piece about forgery, castration and blind drunkenness. Liz and Jim are small-time con-artists who need £250 grand to buy their way out of a turf war. Their mission is to be the greatest art forgers in the world. There’s only one problem. They can’t paint. 

The audience sit inside a mess of paint-spattered dustsheets within the pomp and splendour of a former town hall. It’s as if Jackson Pollock has drunkenly exploded himself in the middle of the room. All the lighting is second-hand equipment bought from a real building site.
In this fast-paced, provocative and boisterous caper Leddy finds the incongruous connections between verbatim theatre, free-market economics, the psychology of ‘truth’ and a castrated labradoodle in a classic Chanel clutch bag.
Please note: This performance takes place off-site in Film City Glasgow.