Michael Smith

Michael Smith
Fountain of Youth State Park, Journey No. 1, 2012, digital archive print, 48 x 70.5 cm, Image courtesy the Artist.

"The high point of which is undoubtedly the Tramway, which has become a house of humour for the duration. Here you can see videos of the veteran US performance artist Michael Smith, playing his wonderfully tragicomic Mike. Hapless, badly dressed, rubber-faced, Mike is an Everyman Zelig who pops up everywhere, always out of joint with the times he so vividly sends up".

The Guardian review


Part of Glasgow International

Videos and Miscellaneous Stuff from Storage (pt.2)

Please note the exhibition takes place in Tramway 1 (until 20 April) and Tramway 5 (until 4 May)

Preview Fri 4 April 6 - 9pm. All welcome

For over thirty years, Michael Smith has been using various identities in his work. One of his main personas, 'Mike', has often been at the centre of his video, performance and installation work. Mike is just a regular guy, constrained by his own limited world view, just getting on with his business, day to day, never quite keeping up with trends or technology - a symbol of twentieth century alienation. Narrated in Mike's own introspective voice, this ordinary man is a tragi-comic creation. Although ridiculous and often bland, his actions are sometimes familiar and universal. Mike is an everyman, reflecting our own inadequacies.

Michael Smith leaps between televisual presentation formats, puppet show, music video, infomercial, game and talk show, satirising and emphasising how mundane and homogenous the medium is.

In his first solo show in a UK institution, Smith will present a series of important works from the last 3 decades across Tramway 1 and Tramway 5.

Performance Event

Bedwyr Williams and Michael Smith discuss the critical role of humour within their work with Mark Beasley (curator at Performa).
The discussion will be followed by individual performances by both artists - more information.

Commissioned by Glasgow International and curated in association with Mark Beasley