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Conceived and directed by David Rosenberg
Written by Glen Neath
Sound by Ben and Max Ringham

You may not know us by name, but we will probably seem familiar. Maybe we have driven you home, engaged you in small talk, smiled at you across a crowded train. We are the reassuring voices in your ear (not the ones in your head - they are your own business). You are already a valued member of the group and we’re thinking about you more and more.

Ring is a sound journey in complete darkness and an antidote to choice. The audience wear headphones that amplify the intimate details of the room, transporting you to another room that is very similar to the one that you entered. But in this room you have been recognised.
A sound journey in complete darkness from director David Rosenberg (Electric Hotel, Shunt), writer Glen Neath (The Outgoing Man, and Romcom by Rotozaza) and producers Fuel (Black T-shirt Collection, Kursk).
“His work is stylish and suggestive, creating an atmosphere that stays with audiences – and troubles them too.” In Praise of David Rosenberg, Guardian, June 2010
The show takes place in total darkness. It is sound based and involves wearing headsets. Recommended for age 16+.
Triggered at Warwick Arts Centre. Funded by Arts Council England.
About Fuel
Following on from a fantastic festival of shows at the unity Theatre in Liverpool last season, Fuel are collaborating with Tramway in Glasgow to bring you a new season of work.
They are taking over Tramway 1 with shows from David Rosenberg & Glen Neath, Inua Ellams and Uninvited Guests. In the foyer you can catch The Simple Things in Life, our short experiences in garden sheds, and listen to Body Pods, a series of podcasts about the human body.

 Audience Feedback from Ring

   "it was an amazing show! I've never had an experience like it, being in complete darkness made it a lot more nerve-racking." 

   "Loved Ring@parabolaarts with @gemmahumphrys1 mike dean and Imogen. So different and interesting!" 

      "Finally saw the potential theatricality of binaural recording realised so beautifully by @FuelTheatre in Ring last night. Truly mesmerising."  

     "@FuelTheatre have once again blown me away with their new piece #Ring" 

       "Just been to #Ring. Never experienced anything like it. Extraordinarily intimate, unsettling & brilliant"

       "Excellent! What a different & thought provoking experience. Like no other show I have been to before. I shall recommend it to all!"

"The most intense theatre experience I have had in ages. I found myself going through a whole range of emotions: from anxiety… to extreme happiness… Would highly recommend."