Robin Fox RGB Laser Show

Robin Fox

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“this is the future mate, we just saw the ****** future.”

Cyclic Defrost

Part of Hot: New Dance and Performance from Australia 

We have now removed out online allocation of tickets. You can still purchase tickets from our Box Office 0845 330 3501.
Robin Fox has been performing his monochromatic green Laser Show worldwide for almost a decade. The premise behind the work is that you see and hear the same electrical signal at the same time creating a manufactured synaesthetic experience. The work is extreme and immersive. In late 2013 he set to work on a new show that employs three laser projectors one red, one green and one blue. The results are simply incredible. Sound and light are synchronous. What you see is literally what you hear. The audience is saturated with sound and light information that connects parts of the brain rarely accessed. The experience is ecstatic for both performer and audience.
At times sound is converted directly into light geometry, at others the image itself is sonified so you hear the mechanics of the light drawing. This marks a radical departure from Fox’s previous work, which has always moved from sound to image. No photograph or video can approximate the sensation of being caught in this audio-visual maelstrom. This new work must be experienced to be believed.
Running on the same evening as Shifting Ground - but tickets for both for £12/£8.
HOT is curated by Tramway with Robert Walton of Victorian College of Arts, University of Melbourne.


 "Whereas much of the work in the season is about solid things like bodies and rocks, Robin Fox’s RGB Lazer Show is pure light and sound. Big lights and big sound. It is the psychedelic, Close Encounters, bone shaking celebration of a sci-fi future in the middle of the festival. It is pure sensation." 

Robert Walton