Shifting Ground

Shifting Ground

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Shifting Ground is a beautifully managed, sensitive and finely tuned collaboration of considerable artistic merit.

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​Part of Hot: New Dance and Performance from Australia

We have now removed out online allocation of tickets. You can still purchase tickets from our Box Office 0845 330 3501

Lava to rock, fossil to fuel. Shifting Ground is a performance and installation that draws parallels between geological transformations and those found within the human race. Media artist and performer Zoe Scoglio unites object manipulation, physicalised sounds and projection mapping in a journey from the cosmic to the concrete. Enter a room in which the boundaries between human and rock melt away, as the presence of the earth’s minerals is revealed in the structures we create, the tools we use, and the bodies in which we live.

Shifting Ground looks at our ever-changing relationship to geological substances, exploring the idea that all forms are temporal and metamorphic. In a society defined by its seemingly solid and indestructible cities, Shifting Ground reminds us of the impermanent and fleeting nature of our time on this earth, and our symbiotic relationship with the elements that form.

Running on the same evening as Robin Fox RGB Laser Show. Double bill ticket price £12/£8.

HOT is co-curated by Robert Walton of Victorian College of Arts, University of Melbourne.

"Zoe Scoglio’s show Shifting Ground speaks to something even more ancient, the land itself, and the forces that forged it. Shifting Ground is beautiful because it moves our focus from human to geological timescales in a thoroughly absorbing way. As a performance it is unlike anything else, intimate, strange, gentle, sensorially stimulating and transfixing. Scoglio holds you in a series of states of wonder that seem to emerge from everyday things around her. You will never look at the materials that shape our environments in the same way again."