Tramway wall
A Tramway Commission
Please note online ticket allcoation has now been removed but you can still purchase tickets by calling out box office  - 0845 330 3501.

This new commission uses performed sound and film drawn from the physical fabric of Tramway 1, its famous ‘red wall’, and other sites in the city. Projecting onto the wall itself, the performance explores ‘sense of place’ through the layering of surfaces, textures and resonances, in celebration of the 25th anniversary of Tramway’s opening night.

The title represents a way of thinking about making work. It’s really a proposition based on more or less conventional ideas of variation and layering, with the notion of the ‘emic’, or unvarying form, at the core. In language, emic refers to a thing that doesn’t change but that underpins multiple surface variations. In sound, that might mean hosts of different versions of a similar noise or different uses of the same sonic grain; in the visual domain, emergent details of line, form, tone, or reference points related to a single underlying place or material.

The physical appearance of the ‘red wall’ was the initial impetus for the piece. Burton and Fells previous collaborative work (presented at SoundLab at the City Halls in October 2012) explored particular locations through the idea of encounters with surfaces both visually and through the use of surface noise. The wall presented itself as ripe for this treatment – a piece of incredibly detailed, rich material – something to be touched, to be seen close-up, but also something reminiscent of other places, other identities, memories.

We are pleased to announced artist, photographer, film-maker and live performer Torsten Lauschmann will also be presenting a piece. Described by The Skinny as "one of the most exciting artists working within Glasgow", Lauschmann is a Glasgow based artist who is known for his real time digital clock and world jump day plus a critically acclaimed exhibition for GI and much more.