Tiger Tale

Tiger Tale

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"Youngsters watching Tiger Tale (for the 6+ age group) totally latched on to what choreographer Natasha Gilmore and writer Robert Alan Evans had in mind. Seated on all four sides of the 'cage' . . .they were close enough to smell the citrus fruit, to jump with surprised delight as the overhead buckets swung into play, and to read the changing body language of the characters as Virr's mysterious, feral presence unlocked a united joy (all mirrored in the gorgeous energies of Kim Moore's live musicianship)".

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Tiger Tale tells the story of a family whose love for one another is re-awakened with the arrival of a delightful but dangerous guest.


In Poppy’s home every day is the same.  Her dad goes to work and her mum tidies the house, does the washing, feeds and orders Poppy, but at night Poppy’s world is very different.  She dreams of someone to play with.  A soft someone who purrs and plays tricks and holds Poppy in his arms.  She dreams of a friend.  Then one day things change.  There is a tangerine in the washing machine, marigolds in the microwave, something wild is knocking at their door wanting to come in.

When their visitor arrives he changes everything.  What surprises them all is how much he is needed.  Order is overturned and finally, when the house turns to chaos their guest slips away and dad returns to a very different home from the one he left.  Rather than return to normal the three of them realise they need some wildness in their lives if they are to survive and for their love as a family to be reignited.

Co-created by Rob Evans and Natasha Gilmore this piece fuses dance, music and theatre and invites the audience to experience the world through Poppy’s eyes and meet the tiger that changes everything.  This piece will be performed in the round giving the audience the opportunity to be in close proximity to the performers and share some space with the tiger.  After the performance the audience will be invited to explore the set and the musical instruments.

Tiger Tale is performed alongside Tiger which is a version of the same show aimed at an older audiences.