Untrained plus Australian Screendance 2


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" It’s like a game of Whose Line is It Anyway? — and comes with as many laughs . ."

The London Evening Standard -4 stars


​Part of Hot: New Dance and Performance from Australia

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Four men take to the stage. Two of these men are highly skilled, experienced dancers and two aren’t. All have the same complex, refined, movements to perform.

Untrained questions our ideas about what is worth watching in a performance. This casual theatrical exploration presents four men, in a humorous and courageous examination of themselves and their art.

Two of these men are highly skilled, experienced dancers and two have no movement training whatsoever. The complex, refined movements that one man can do with ease, another can only approximate. But there are things that an untrained body can do that a trained one can't. All performers are given the same instructions. How they execute them constructs an individual portrait of each man and also an unavoidable comparison between them. This evolution of information, built up through units of action, points out what they have in common and where their physical histories set them apart.


Australian Screendance 2 film screenings are being shown between Untrained and A Small Prometheus on Friday and Saturday. They will be on in T4 and the street. The cafe and bar will be open and the audience will be free to move in and out of T4 while the films are on. Dowload programme on the right.

Running on the same evening as A Small Prometheus Double ticket offer £18/£10.
HOT is curated by Tramway with Robert Walton of Victorian College of Arts, University of Melbourne.
"Untrained pits the bodies of two professional, highly-skilled dancers against two willing ‘everyday’ guys who have not trained all their lives. They all have to perform Guerin’s rigorous choreography. If you have ever watched dance or sports and wondered ‘how hard can it be?’ then this is your answer. Untrained is a simple, funny and delightful show that might make you see the beauty in our everyday, ‘normal’ bodies a little more clearly." 
Robert Walton