Arika return to Tramway this week with Episode 4 Freedom is a Constant Struggle

Posted on 17 Apr 2013 in News, Visual Art, Performance, Music, Film, Youth

​Tramway are delighted to welcome back Arika this Thursday - Sunday. They return with Episode 4 of their experimental music, film and art events.

This Episode, Freedom is a Constant Struggle, profiles radical Black art forms (Free Jazz, Improvisation, Poetry…) and the fugitive spaces that produced them (the AACM, the Black Arts Movement).

The programme includes: writers Amiri Baraka, M.NourbeSe Philip and Fred Moten, musicians John Tilbury, Wadada Leo Smith and Daniel Carter, plus performances, visual arts and talks.

Click here for full programme


NB: Arika return in May with Episode 5: Hidden in Plain Sight, a celebration of the artforms inspired by voguing, deep house, drag, dance, clubbing and ballroom culture. The festival includes an exclusive performance by Trajal Harrell - (M)IMOSA / Twenty Looks or Paris is Burning at The Judson Church (M)