This month at Tramway: Art - Dance - Space

Posted on 4 Nov 2016 in News, Visual Art, Performance

Over three weekends this month and next, we have six great shows, all worth seeing in their own right, but which together also add up to a discussion of choreography, dance and art. 


In the last few years Tramway has concentrated on dance in our theatres and occasionally in the galleries. One of the reasons for that focus is the opportunity we have at this multi- and cross-art form venue to show and support work made somewhere between choreography and visual art practices. 

Dance artists have been creating work for public, non-theatre spaces and gallery spaces for a long time, notably Trisha Brown in the 60s. Dance artists have had integrated collaborations with visual artists, composers and writers for just as long (Merce Cunningham, Michael Clark, Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker). Nothing new perhaps, but in recent years choreographed work has caught the attention of curators in museums and contemporary art galleries, and is increasingly programmed in national and smaller institutions. There are very active investigations for dance in museums as exhibit and archive (Boris Charmatz, Siobhan Davies), choreography beyond the body, of the inanimate and the choreographer as curator. 

At Tramway we have discussed audience relationship and spectatorship for performance in galleries, theatres and as public art. How is performance regarded differently by the visitor to a gallery who can control their time and attention, and the audience member in a theatre who has invested time and money into the experience? Join the discussion by attending these shows:

18+19 November
Space mediated with words, objects and bodies as equals. 

Mette Edvardsen: Black 
Black is a solo performance about making things appear. The space is empty. There are no things. Through spoken words and movements in space a world will become visible, where the performer is the mediator between the audience and what is there. 

Katrina Brown & Rosanna Irvine: what remains and is to come 
Intimate and quietly compelling, the performance invites audiences into the upcloseness of increasing relations between paper, charcoal, bodies and breath. ​

26+27 November - Free performance installations, gallery hours and gallery visitors. 

Nicola Conibere: Assembly 
A live gallery work exploring shifts in relation between individual and collective bodies. Its configurations respond to the presence of spectators in a quiet investigation of how other people can appear to us, and what we experience together. 

Adam York Gregory & Gillian Jane Lees: 
Present Tense 
Gillian sets several hundred mousetraps on the floor. Her hands and feet are bare and vulnerable. 
Constants and Variables 
On one table, a series of glass vials containing black ink. On the other, identical vials but empty. Gillian sits between wearing a dress mad of white paper. 

Free, no booking required, open 1 - 4pm

2+3 December - Two shows 

mystery skin: Brocade 
Sound and movement is propelled along a catwalk and sewn together by the rhythmic cadence of beats and jumps. 

Joan Clevillé Dance: Plan B for Utopia 
‘You have a plan, and then you don’t. You have a dream, and then you wake up. You fall in love, and your heart gets broken. The question is: do you pick up the pieces and try again?’