Guest Blog: Junction 25 on making 1,210km

Posted on 1 Jun 2018 in News, Performance, Youth

​Young theatre company Junction 25, made up of young people aged 12-18, have been making original theatre work at Tramway for over 10 years.

They are currently working on a new show, 1,210km, in collaboration with Theatre an der Parkaue, a young theatre group from in Berlin. 

Company member Caitlin Fullwood, 16, shares her insights into the project, and how she came to be involved:

'Junction 25 is a group of young people aged between 12 and 18 making original theatre work at the Tramway Theatre in Glasgow. We are currently working on a new show, 1,210Km which is a collaboration between Junction 25 and Theatre an der Parkaue in Berlin. 

I have been in Junction 25 for four years now after finding out about the company through a family friend. My brother Sean was a member of Junction two years before me and we did a few shows together. This year our process has been different to my previous experiences, since we are doing our first ever international exchange! Our collaboration with Theatre and der Parkaue in Berlin has allowed us explore a new theme and a new way of working. We are making a new show called 1,210km, which is the distance between the two companies. This distance has made the process more difficult but it's a good challenge for both companies and has been a new and exciting experience for everyone involved. 

When we started working together we used an online platform that helped connect the two companies. This platform was designed through discussions as a group about what we wanted to get from it and how it could be used to document our process, get to know each other and share our making. Now that we are further along in our process we use the platform to share the work we do in our sessions so it is a great archive of all of our explorations so far. In February we travelled the 1,210Km from Glasgow to Berlin to meet face to face for the first time, share some of the material that the companies had been working on and get to know each other. Through sharing our performances with each other we got an understanding of how both companies work and we also got the chance to collaborate with each other and connect on a level without technology. 

We have been exploring the themes of distance, connection and communication in our weekly sessions on a Wednesday night. Each of our sessions starts with a check in, where everyone says how they are feeling and what has been happening during their week. It helps to focus the energy of the room so we can get the most out of our sessions. We devise our own performances through writing texts, making movement and working together. We find a theme we want to explore through a series of creative task and from that point our show starts to take shape. Some weeks we do movement, others text, mostly we work in groups but sometimes we work individually. This gives our final performance a good balance of material and allows us to make sure everyone's voice is heard. We make so much material that it would take a lifetime to share it all - so by the end of our process we are sharing with the audience the most important parts and that shapes the show. 

Making this show is an amazing and exciting opportunity for us as young people. We feel as though the themes we are exploring in 1,210Km are important in highlighting the differences and similarities between us in Glasgow and them in Berlin. I personally feel that it is important for us to look at these themes at this point in time, not only because of the politics surrounding us, but also to explore the different ways we connect with people today.  As a collective of young people we all feel as though it is important to share our experiences and our voice; we want to make our audiences feel something and to have an understanding of what it is to be a young person in today's world. This new collaboration between Junction 25 and Theatre an der Parkaue is an important and exciting experiment and we are all excited to see how it turns out!'

1,210km is a Tramway on 10 and 11 August.
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