Guest Blog: Taking part in Celebrate ART

Posted on 4 Jul 2018 in News

​Celebrate ART is a new project celebrating the talent and creativity of young people which opens at Tramway this July as part of Scotland’s Year of Young People 2018.

Emerging artist Alexandra Murray-Reynolds tells us what taking part in Celebrate ART has meant to her: 

Finding out that I’d been accepted to take part in Celebrate ART this year at tramway, I had no idea what to expect. And that’s exactly what has made this project not only so exciting and interesting, but something that has really allowed myself and the others to really challenge ourselves, and grow as artists. Working alongside Ruth Barker, we’ve been working conceptually; using process based-techniques to create art ranging from paintings to sculpture and sound - which eventually led us to a storyline, and the making of an art-performance. It’s been amazing to see how all of our work has slowly come together, without any set plan or ideas about what the finished picture would look like. By putting full trust into each other and the process, we’ve produced something tangible, complete with a soundtrack, movement and narrative; exploring ideas around self-love, addiction and relationships, and how we deal with our emotions.

Alongside the creation of the event and exhibition there has been the underlying theme of ‘It’s okay not to know’ - and for me personally, someone who has been so used to having a set idea or plan in all aspects of life, and especially when it came to making art, it’s been so refreshing to be open minded and free and approach working in a completely different, one that most young people forget how to do when up against school criteria or deadlines, or the pressure in society to always be doing something ‘productive’. Art has the power to defy rules and boundaries, all we have to do is give ourselves the permission to do so. I’ve learnt so much being a part of this project, but I’ve been taught one of the most important lessons of all - not knowing shouldn’t be associated with fear or worry, but instead excitement - leaving space for opportunity and spontaneity in life. Not knowing is what makes life interesting, stimulating, allowing you to grow - and from that, the outcome can only be beautiful.

This project is supported by the Year of Young People 2018 Event Fund, managed by EventScotland, part of VisitScotland’s Events Directorate, and Creative Scotland and the project is managed by Engage Scotland. 

To find out more about Celebrate ART and the live visual art performance on July 7 and exhibition visit the
event page