It's getting hot in here

Posted on 7 Feb 2014 in News, Visual Art

Sarah Lucas' first major exhibition in Scotland has seen one of the busiest previews Tramway's ever had and has got tongues wagging around Glasgow - but now it has got really hot.

The hydraulics in the giant 'Wanking Arm' have been getting a bit warmer than we'd like so we've had to grant the artwork a short break in the middle of each day.

Don't worry - the arm is still fully functional and will be continuing as a centrepiece of the striking and controversial exhibition until 16 March.

We got an update from Head of Glasgow Arts Sarah Munro: "We know the Sarah Lucas exhibition has left a lot of people hot under the collar. It would appear that friction has got the better of the fantastically titled ‘Wanking Arm’ artwork too.

"The piece was originally made for the Michael Clark ballet Before and After: The Fall and hasn’t been used to the kind of vigorous action it’s getting here at Tramway, so we are giving it a half hour break each day, purely as a precaution in case things get a bit too heated."

To see what artlovers thought of the exhibition, check out our video from the preview here.