Lookback: Claire Barclay

Posted on 29 Apr 2020 in News, Visual Art

‚Äčyield point 1 LANDSCAPE.jpgJudging by the artist's own CV, Claire Barclay prefers her work to speak for itself. It gives little away apart from the fact that Barclay works from Glasgow Sculpture Studios and Glasgow Print Studio, and is based in the city. That, and the fact that she has an impressive back catalogue of exhibitions, projects and print works.

Barclay's work is always partly created in-situ, and Yield Point (Tramway, 2017) responded to the raw industrial aesthetic of our main gallery. Appropriately for an ex-tram depot, it addressed relationships between the human body and the industrial workplace, in particular, the physical states of strength and vulnerability that underlie human engagement with skilled manual work.

Large sculptural forms, suggestive of processes of manufacture, inhabited the gallery like odd factory remnants. Indeed, the roll-call of materials used - courtesy of Barclay's website - reads like a tram works' inventory, including steel, rubber, powder-coated steel, cast concrete, soot, engine grease and oil.

The work incorporated fabricated and engineered elements, produced with the help of local companies, that highlighted the relationship between craft and skilled workmanship found within the context of a factory.

Claire Barclay, Yield Point
27 March - 10 April 2017


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Image: Keith Hunter