Matthew Herbert - One Pig's StyHarp

Posted on 30 Oct 2012 in News, Performance, Music

​Matthew Herbert brings his live band to Tramway this Saturday to perform his album One Pig which was made entirely out of the noises of a single pig over the course of its life.
The question of how they would effectively reproduce the sounds of the album in a ‘proper’ live band setting are answered ingeniously by the central feature of the One Pig live band - the unique 'StyHarp'.

Created and played by Edinburgh based band member Yann Seznec, pulling on the wires that make up the three walls of this ‘pig sty’ controls many of the samples used during the performance and was, amazingly, created using old video game controllers!
You can find out more from Yann on how he created this amazing piece of equipment and see rehearsal footage of the StyHarp in use here.

Tickets are still available for Saturday's performance of One Pig here.


One Pig is supported by The Bungo Bar and Kitchen.