Steven Campbell: 'Love' it while you can

Posted on 20 Mar 2018 in News, Visual Art

​This week is your last chance to see 'Love', an exhibition of work by Steven Campbell, one of Glasgow’s most celebrated artists.

The exhibition of twelve large-scale collages, rarely seen together, is proving hugely popular, attracting more than 5,000 visitors since it opened in Tramway on 20 January.
Critics have also acclaimed the exhibition. 

“For those who are not familiar with Campbell’s work, or who are tempted to think of it as just a kind of amateur dramatics in paint, this show should persuade them what an original and profoundly serious artist he was.”

Clare Henry says in ArtLyst: “Each picture rewards careful scrutiny, sometimes, as here, with serious questions, other times with wit or whimsy. The results are impressive, memorable. Campbell died 11 years ago but his work continues to enthral.”

The closing date of the exhibition is Sunday 25 March.