Tramway Supports: Call Out for Residencies

Posted on 22 Oct 2020 in News


Tramway are delighted to offer 6 financially supported residency opportunities to Scotland based artists throughout Mid November 2020 – March 2020.  Tramway Supports is a year-round initiative that supports artists at all stages of their practice, working within contemporary performance including dance, live art, performance art or interdisciplinary practice. 

The initiative aims to be responsive, tailoring support to the needs of individual projects whilst offering a testing ground for artists to challenge the boundaries of their practice. Tramway Supports aims to play a crucial role in supporting and strengthening the contemporary dance and performance sector in Scotland, providing a safe place for courageous artistic experimentation and creative risk.  

Read about some of the projects we supported in 2019 here

Offer and Eligibility
Tramway Supports is inviting proposals from Scotland based artists who would like paid residency time to develop their work with another arts freelancer.  You can be working within any form of contemporary performance including dance, live art or performance art.

The residencies are intended as a laboratory for ideas and collaborations to be nurtured.  In supporting the wider freelance arts ecology during this time we are looking for projects that involve not only contemporary performance and dance practitioners but that invite at least one other arts related freelancer into the process (e.g Stage Designers, Costume Makers, Musicians, Producers, Production Managers, Dramaturgs, Lighting/AV Designers, BSL Interpreters). 

The residency will offer:
Approximately one-week residency space in Tramway’s Studio or T4 Theatre (see blocks below). We are aware that some artists may want or need to remain working at home for an extended period of time as the pandemic continues. If there is a preference for artists to undertake some or all of their production process from home we are happy for this to be worked into their proposal.
Each residency has a fee of £1200.  (We imagine this could cover approximately 1 week of R+D fee at £600 x 2 collaborators).  Not every individual needs to be present in the residency space for the whole period.

Residency Space
To allow for increased cleaning measures in repsonse to Covid-19,  residency space will be offered in either Tramway’s Studio or T4 Theatre space in the following blocks of time only:

Tuesday – Friday 10am-4pm
Saturday 10am- 2:30pm

Monday – Friday 10am-4pm

Application Process
To apply please send an ‘Expression of Interest’ covering the following points outlined below. ‘Expressions of Interest’ can take the form of either a cover letter, voice note or a video recording. They should be no longer than 500 words/3mins in length. 

Proposals should include:
*How would you like to use the residency time?/What is the idea you wish to develop? 
*Who are the collaborators and their roles? This could include a CV, personal statement or a link to a website.
*An indication of how you will navigate COVID 19 restrictions and ensure social distancing is maintained during this residency? 
*What materials or equipment you may wish to bring into the space or that you hope Tramway could provide?
*Which weeks you would like to undertake a residency between mid-November 2020 and March 2021.
*Indicate which space (Studio or T4) you prefer to be considered for 

‘Expressions of Interest’ should be emailed with the subject title ‘Tramway Supports Residency’ to by 5pm on Wednesday 11th November.  Applicants will be notified if they have been successful by Monday 16th November.  If you have any further questions or need any support in preparing your proposal please email

We encourage proposals from applicants with specific access needs and we are happy to work with you to the best of our ability to help with both the application process and to realise your idea.

Tramway recognises there has been systemic exclusion within the arts sector and is striving to put equity at the heart of our decision making. We are committed to increasing the diversity of people working in performance and especially welcome applications from those who identify as having characteristics currently under-represented. This includes black people and people of colour, disabled people, individuals identifying as LGBTQI, those with parental/caring responsibilities and people from working-class backgrounds.  We particularly recognise that Black artists and artists of colour have been historically under-represented in Tramway’s programme and are working to change this.

Tramway Covid-19 Information
Tramway have implemented safety controls to ensure your safety is prioritised. Aspects of accessing the venue have controls and adaptations in place. For example, there is a one way system, some limitations on equipment use, the wearing of face masks by everyone when moving around the building; and we ask that foodstuffs aren’t left in residency spaces. 
In order to ensure we can tailor support to everyone’s needs we will arrange a short meeting with a member of the operations team to go over your specific proposals, how we can support you and to make time to arrange an orientation on your first day. Tramway have risk assessments and recovery plans in place to ensure the safety of all artists and staff. These are available if you would like more details.