Cryptic presents Sonica

Cryptic presents Sonica
Date 29th - 30th Sep 2023 Price Various tickets available Location Tramway View map See individual listings for ticket information

From the 29 to 30 September 2023, Tramway and The Hidden Gardens will play host to Sonica Surge, a concentrated burst of inspiring and innovative audiovisual art and experimentation.

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Sonica: Robert Henke - CBM 8032 AV>

Sonica Triple Bill: Lucy Duncombe and Feronia Wennborg | muto major | Sonia Killmann>

Sonica Triple Bill: KMRU |Tatsuru Arai | SCHNITT and Gianluca Sibaldi>

Sonica Triple Bill: Raydale Dower|Eyve|Moritz Simon Geist and Dominic Kiesling>

In partnership with Glasgow’s Goethe-Institut, which celebrates fifty years of Scottish-German culture and relations, Sonica Surge will showcase exclusive events with German and Germany-based artists, including the world premiere of a new iteration of pioneering digital artist and musician Robert Henke’s CBM 8032 AV. Artists also included on the programme are Tatsuru Arai, Moritz Simon Geist and Dominic Kiesling, KMRU and Schnitt and Gianluca Sibaldi.

Showcasing artists from Scotland alongside Ukraine, Sweden, Nigeria, Italy and more, other highlights across the packed two-day programme include Raydale Dower, Eyve and Veronica Petukhov, Lucy Duncombe and Feronia Wennborg, Sonia Killmann, muto major, SCHNITT and Gianluca Sibaldi, Ahmed El Shaer and ujif_unfound.

On Saturday afternoon, they celebrate 20 years of The Hidden Gardens. There’s freewheeling, joyful performance from playful and funky Scottish tuba and euphonium duo Danielle Price and Martin Lee Price – better known as Dopey Monkey and Glasgow’s African Balafon Orchestra (GABO) who will perform a special set designed to respond to the surrounds of The Hidden Gardens.