Sonica Triple Bill: Lucy Duncombe and Feronia Wennborg | muto major | Sonia Killmann

Sonica Triple Bill: Lucy Duncombe and Feronia Wennborg | muto major | Sonia Killmann
Date 29th Sep 2023 8.30pm - 10.30pm Price £14/£7 Location Tramway Book tickets 0845 330 3501 0845 330 3501 Bookings subject to transaction fees: £1.50 online, £1.75 by phone

Sonica presents AV Triple Bill: assembling.air by Lucy Duncombe and Feronia Wennborg; Waxen Figures by muto major and Digital Skies by Sonia Killmann

assembling.air is a new work from artist-composers Duncombe and Wennborg. Their work treats voice as instrument: snipped phonemes, caught breaths, coos, sighs and sung tones are manipulated and resculpted, forming alien patterns that never quite lose their connection to the human. assembling.air pairs a vocal ‘self’ with its ‘clone’ in a dialogue that evolves organically as the performance unfolds. Composition meets AI improvisation in a piece that literally speaks to the future of musical innovation.

Sites of historical spiritual significance in Scotland such as the Covesea Caves and the Munlochy Clootie Well inspired sound artist – and half of muto major – Samm Anga to create Waxen Figures, in which Scotland’s folkloric past interacts with the now. Against backdrops of deep green landscape, digital ghosts flare and vanish, performing dances that suggest obscure rituals of old – summonings, offerings, celebrations.  With live manipulated visuals from muto major’s visual artist Veronica Petukhov. 

In Digital Skies, composer and multimedia artist Sonia Killmann contrasts lights both natural and manmade – star maps and the colourful constellations of cityscapes at night, enhanced by AI-created elements – in a peaceful, meditative exploration of these two separates but linked patterns. The accompanying soundtrack combines field recordings with live music, including Killmann performing live on saxophone and synthesisers.

Particularly good for Subpacs
Highly Visual / No or Little Text

Audience notes
Performance contains strobe effects, flashing lights, loud noises and lyrics may contain offensive language

Duration: 120 mins including intervals

assembling.air: A Cryptic Commission developed at Cove Park and supported by the Embassy of Sweden, London and the Swedish Arts Grants Council.

Waxen Figures: A Cryptic Commission developed at Cove Park and Jersey Arts Centre. 

Digital Skies: A Cryptic Commission developed at IMAL Brussels and Jersey Arts Centre. 

Photo - muto major by David Anga