Citizens Theatre presents Red Riding Hood

by Lewis Hetherington

Citizens Theatre presents Red Riding Hood
Date 9th - 23rd Dec 2022 Price £12 - £22, Preview tickets £10/£5, family tickets available Location Tramway Book tickets 0141 429 0022 0141 429 0022

A fun filled festive show for children aged 5+ and their families.

9 to 23 Dec 2022
For performance times, ticket prices and to book, visit the Citizen's Theatre website.

This is the story of a Wolf, a Grandma, and a girl.

A girl who likes to be known as Red.

A regular girl living in a regular home where she loves to read books about superheroes, adventures and, most of all, Christmas! But in the town where she lives, Christmas has been banned.

Tired of following the rules, Red embarks on a mission to bring back Christmas, defeat the big bad Wolf and save Grandma from the deep dark forest. But are things all as they seem?

Join Red on this whirlwind festive adventure as she discovers what it really takes to become a hero!

Along the way you’ll meet pigs in blankets, stumble upon an unexpected love story, join in with some silly songs and - as good triumphs over evil - enjoy all the magic of the original tale.

The performance schedule includes:

A British Sign Language interpreted performance on 15 December at 7pm

An Audio Described performance on 17 December at 2pm

A Captioned performance on 18 December at 1pm

A Relaxed Performance on 20 December at 7pm