A String Section

A String Section
Photo: Herman Horsten
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Five empty wooden chairs, of no particular style, in a line in a gallery. We (the audience) wait. Four women walk into the room carrying crosscut handsaws. One carries a cello. They each stand beside a chair, bow and sit down.

The four then start to saw into the legs of the chairs that they are sitting on to the accompaniment of the Cello. Each has their own rhythm, each starts on a different leg each has their own style. Never leaving the chair, their sitting position changes, naturally, shifting their weight away or towards the viewers and each other.

The piece ebbs and flows, rises and falls. The audience is free to come and go, though it’s pleasing to stay where they are, sitting comfortably in their own chair, knowing that theirs at least will remain stable. And when they’ve finished and gone, only the lopsided chairs, the bits of wood and the sawdust remain.

In Dutch there is an expression ‘sawing the legs of your own chair’ that means that you undermine yourself you stop yourself from doing something.
You weaken the chair you weaken yourself - destroying the chair destroying yourself.

Leen Dewilde

Leen Dewilde (Belgium, 1977) is a dance teacher, performer, performance maker and visual artist.
Leen started as a contemporary dancer and being dissatisfied with the language of dance she started working as a performer, making her own work as a performance maker and visual artist.
In 2005 she joined the British performance company Reckless Sleepers as a core creative member of the company producing Spanish Train, The Last Supper and the companies new touring work Schrödinger.
Her visual and performance work mostly focuses on the domestic, where everyday familiar objects are transformed, repaired or destroyed. Placing them in unfamiliar locations where the products of the destruction become works themselves. Such as the dust works: the residue from a destruction of a wall, or the sawdust left from the sawing of a tables or chairs legs. The work has a simple construct or set of rules that are often repetitive.
The work is often small and detailed with a sense of humor.
A string section was first produced for the gallery Netwerk Aalst.

Su-a Lee

Su-a is Sub-Principal Cellist with the Scottish Chamber Orchestra as well as playing regularly with most of the other Scottish orchestras. She is a founder member of Mr McFalls Chamber. Her music has taken her all over the world, from South America to the Arctic Circle, Japanese temples, circus tents and waterfalls!

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