Kate E. Deeming

Kate E. Deeming

Dance activist Kate E.Deeming will be familiar to many Southsiders as the 'Dancing Xmas Tree'(2020), and describes herself as an 'artist working in communities, using dance as a way to make good stuff happen!' 

'I am interested in creating moments and reminders that build empathy and connect us to our individual and collective power, to reinforce and manifest a joyous and loving world.

Much of my work is durational in nature- dances that span days or even years involving, in many and creative ways, hundreds and thousands of people. Although trained formally in dance and performance, much of what I do is outside of cultural/creative institutions.'

For Tramway Beyond Walls, Kate will be up to her usual dance shenanigans with '10 Seconds of Joy'. In the outdoor dance project over six weeks, she will be initiating bursts of joy with four local primary schools who will collaborate to make a cumulative dance film with Basharat Khan. 

Watch this website for details of the roving film premier which will bring '10 Seconds of Joy' onto the streets later this year.

Please note - All activity will be delivered within current Scottish Government guidelines on social distancing.