Nick Evans Artist Talk

Nick Evans Solar Eyes

​Evans show presents a newly commissioned body of sculptures within an environment which is part sculpture ‘theme park’ and part lost civilisation. Solar Eyes features a new body of plaster sculptures orchestrated in such a way that they each respond to their own environment, the most ambitious of which is a large architectural complex which mimics the geometry of a Mayan temple. Ancient symbolism is also invoked through an ambitious wall drawing running the length of the gallery and number of colourful printed backdrops, plinths and floor panels.

Rather than being merely decorative veneers, these symbolic and art historical references in Evans’ sculptures are often lampooned and undermined by the absurd and highly elaborate modes of display. In this context, the sculptures themselves become quizzical, self-reflexive and critical of their own existence.

Come hear Evans discuss his work with Tramway's curator.

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