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Walk-Through, Redmond Entwistle

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Part of Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art 2012

Walk-Through is a new film installation by British artist Redmond Entwistle which revisits the history of pioneering art school where he studied in the late 90’s, the California Institute of the Arts, to explore wider questions about the purpose and value of education today. Beginning as a tour of the campus, the film guides us through CalArts’ history and the life of the school, from archive images of its design and construction, initiated by Walt Disney in the late 1960’s to the present day.

Taking the narrative form of a guided tour, Walk-Through  examines the school's mission, its place in art history, and its flexible architecture, which was designed to facilitate its democratic philosophy. Slowly, however, the tour drifts into a fictional recreation of the ‘Post-Studio’ class developed by influential artist and teacher Michael Asher in which, instead of analyzing work, a critique of the ‘Post-Studio’ class itself starts to evolve. The students discuss the power-relations at play in the class, the kinds of language used, genuine discourse versus rhetoric, the teacher-student relationship, and the financial and personal value of education.


The ‘Post-Studio’ class exemplified CalArt’s mission to “haul the teacher from the podium” and activate the student in the learning process, focusing on extended group discussions, sometimes lasting over 12 hours. Subsequently Asher’s group critique has become the primary model of teaching in arts schools today, CalArts being one of the first art schools in which language and student-led discussion became the focus of the learning process.
In Walk-Through however, language is disjointed; some students are able to speak and others can’t. When they do speak, disconnected, structural information about the costing and building of CalArts blurts out as if they have become mouthpieces for the institution’s memory. As the discussion progresses, it becomes clear that it is the institution and the class itself as a democratic space in which to speak and learn which is in question.




Despite the democratic drives behind CalArts, the film asks whether new hierarchies and exclusions are produced when linguistic skills are prioritized in visual art education, and how this reflects a broader shift towards a more information based society. Walk-Through  also questions the financial cost and personal value of education at a time when the marketisation of higher education is taking place worldwide. 



Artist Talk : Saturday 12th May 4pm
Tramway 5
Redmond Entwistle will discuss his new film work ‘Walk-Through’ with Tramway Curator Claire Jackson
Walk-Through is co-commissioned by Tramway for Glasgow International Festival 2012, International Project Space, Birmingham and Cubitt Gallery, London
This project is supported by The Elephant Trust