Sue Tompkins

Sue Tompkins
Hallo Welcome to Keith Street (a version) 2011. Live performance as part of British Art Show 7: In The Days Of The Comet, GoMA, Glasgow, May 2011

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Part of GENERATION - 25 years of Contemporary Art in Scotland

Sue Tompkins (1971, Leighton Buzzard) graduated from Glasgow School of Art and is a key member of its vibrant art and music scene.  Her spoken word performances are generated from her accumulated written works, which she types on newsprint paper fed through an ink typewriter, the texts evolving via the inclusion of misspellings, uneven spacing, retypes, snippets of conversation and the invasion of the everyday life. In her rhythmical and hypnotic performances, words are given resonance through repetition, juxtaposition and Tompkins unique style of delivery, evoking both personal and political associations.

These eclectic fragments are presented in the gallery as text on newsprint paper or as spoken word performances. Their rhythm and style are indebted to her experience as a musician, but are also notable for the starkness of their hypnotizing, rhythmic and ritualised delivery. Made up of text that is original, altered or borrowed, the strength of Tompkins’ work is in its disruption of verbal communication. Through complex yet eloquent layerings and re-contextualisation, Tompkins gives new subjective meanings to words and language.