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  • Tiger Photo Brian Hartley
  • Photo by Brian Hartley

thanks to Gilmore’s choreography, Moore’s music and Fred Pommerehn’s set (those buckets are full of surprises) the work is entertaining throughout. Strong performances by all three dancers ensure audience engagement, as we watch this troubled family metamorphose into fun-loving frolickers.

Scotsman - 4 stars


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Tiger is the story of a family who have ceased to function; a girl who longs for someone to play with, a mother who has forgotten what it's like to go outside and a father obsessed with success. A family whose everyday world is turned upside down when a tiger comes to stay. Chaotic, dangerous and an awful lot of fun, their guest slowly makes them remember what it is they love about one another. Sometimes everyone needs a tiger in their lives.
Tiger is a Barrowland Ballet dance theatre production with live music by Kim Moore and co-created by Natasha Gilmore and Rob Evans.
Tiger is also the companion piece for the performance Tiger Tale which is aimed at a younger audience.