i see you

i see you

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Please note the Saturday matinee performance has been cancelled. The evening performances will go ahead as normal.


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i see you

is a diptych

about perception

about watching as a question and watching as an answer

about the look that shackles and divides

about the wild tenderness and the soft violence a look can contain

A first part: a child, an old man and choreographer Joke Laureyns. Connected and separated at the same time in watching one another. One as the shadow, the echo, the double of the other. A hand, a face, a back are minutely spotlighted and become eye-catchers like in a painting. All grown still movements.
Then a second part: a child, an old woman and choreographer Kwint Manshoven. They, too, are connected in watching one another. A second painting. More exuberant, more baroque, louder than the first. Contrasting and complementary.
Together: a dance created by two creators who have collaborated as an inseparable duo for many years and who will now for the first time work separately. They share a theme, a starting point, a space: i see you is about watching and being watched.

Who do I see, when I look at you?

And who, when I look at myself?

Do we see the same things?

What changes between us when we're being watched?

i see you is a poetic show about observation, about loneliness versus connectedness, about the question whether looking carefully brings us closer together or further apart. It's a show built out of contrasts and additions, about affecting and being affected, about the game between generations, between the audience and the performers, between the people and both parts of the show.
"Prepare yourself for pure dances of cherishing, affection, consolation and stillness. (...) Softly drawn, without too much colour or form. But definitely touching and crystal clear in their simplicity." (Knack)
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Part of Luminate: scotland’s creative ageing festival celebrating and profiling our creative lives as we age.  This brand new festival taking place across Scotland throughout October 2012 and is set to offer an exciting and high quality programme of arts events and activities with and for older people, as well as events that attract audiences and participants across the generations www.luminatescotland.org