The Visual Arts Studio

The Visual Arts Studio is based in the Tramway arts venue on the South side of Glasgow. It has been in existence for over 20 years and run by Glasgow Education Department. While the studio was originally established as an extra curricular programme for Senior Art and Design pupils interested in applying to Art School the studio now runs a wide variety of courses for students from a wide variety of backgrounds.

The Visual Arts Studio is now highly respected for our very successful and unique Art and Design Portfolio Presentation Courses. Since the Visual Arts Studio took up residence in the Tramway in 2000 we have formed strong links with Tramway's visual arts team giving our students the wonderful opportunity to benefit from the unique resources within the venue. Each year the students are fortunate to get the opportunity to work with contemporary artists who exhibit at the venue. Very often these artists are at the cutting edge of their particular field and offer a personal and highly valuable insight in to the art world. This obviously adds a new dimension to the portfolio work and has increased the number of our students pursuing a successful career in the arts.

Teaching Staff

The Studio is fortunate in having high quality teaching staff with very wide range of expertise and experience with a clear understanding of the skills and approaches needed to support the students in their quest be accepted in the Art School of their choice. The course offers an introduction to the wide variety of skills that are vital to the modern art student. Skills included on our course include a strong emphasis on the importance of drawing as a means to develop ideas and creativity as well as other vital skills like painting, sculpture, paper making, textile and screen printing, jewellery work, photography and computer imaging and an introduction to film making and animation.

Career Opportunities

The Studio has followed the career paths of many of our students, some have become successful artists regularly exhibiting their work and others have set up their own business, while a few have chosen to pass on their knowledge and expertise through teaching.

For details of courses and more information please visit

+44 (0) 141 276 0950 ext 212
+44 (0) 141 276 0950
Visual Arts Studio,
Tramway, 25 Albert Drive,
Glasgow G41 2PE, Scotland UK


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