Aniela Piasecka & Paloma Proudfoot

A puppet arm hangs on strings

15 - 19 June 2021

During their residency, Proudfoot and Piasecka developed choreography to engage directly with initial mock-ups of clothes-sculptures made by Proudfoot exploring the connection between health and clothing.

The works reflect the history of dress and the limitations that have been placed on particular bodies, but also the emancipatory qualities that clothing can provide their wearer. They explore how clothes can tell inaccurate stories about us as much as they can reveal inner truths and how, specifically during periods of illness, they can comfort, expose and disguise.

The residency facilitated the testing of interactions with the clothes-sculptures, particularly how the loosening and tightening of fabrics could become external representations of biological internal functions of the body, such as the role of fascia, the stratum of flesh that facilitates motion and supports the nervous system.

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Photo courtesy of Paloma Proudfoot