Dorine Mugisha - Body Movement Weekender

Tramway is jointly hosting this weekend of movement presented by performer and teacher Dorine Mugisha.
The weekend will include jams, cyphers (rap improvisation) and workshops
as well as a film screening and discussions, building connections.
On 6 April, events will be hosted at Transmission Galleries from 1 to 7pm:
  • Screening of a ‘Behind the Scenes’ documentary on UK Waackers (a form of street dance), and a Q&A with the Director, Angelika Napierala 
  • Jam and cypher battle
On 7 April, events will be hosted at Tramway from 11am – 5pm, with 3 workshops including one led by Dorine Mugisha, and another by Angelika Napierala.
The weekender is open to all levels – whether you want to actively take part or experience it.
Places can be booked directly with Dorine. Follow this link to find out how  
About Dorine Mugisha
Dorine Mugisha is a performer, teacher, retreat leader and project manager. Originally Tanzanian, born and raised in France, living in the UK and having travelled over 25 countries, she is inspired by an array of cultures and speaks 4 languages: these inspire her work. She has a degree in Law and Sociology, experience working in the charity sector for over 10 years and obtained her IAFPD Primary Certificate in Health and Wellbeing Coaching.

Dorine is interested in seeing more representation of plus size bodies and researching themes around identities and belonging. She grew up training in various street dance styles but gravitated towards Whacking/Punking and she currently runs events and workshops around Glasgow. For the last year, Dorine has also been researching, developing and performing her solo piece, 'Asili' (which means 'Origins' in Swahili) where she explores her multi cultural upbringing, navigating and adapting to people, places, and institutions.
Visit her website to find out more
Photo by Adam Fempe