Tramway Beyond Walls

About our 2021 summer programme of events happening in the community beyond the physical limits of our building


Tramway Beyond Walls was a season of contemporary performance, visual art and creative participation which sought to engage with a diverse local audience outside of the physical limits of our building.

The programme, spanning spring/summer 2021, included work by a diverse collection of artists and companies, spanning everything from street dancing to home cooking, aerial dance theatre to collaborative manifestos - and beyond.

It was designed by a specially commissioned panel of 'Community Architects' drawn from the local community.

Our Beyond Walls season ran throughout spring and summer 2021, and consisted of both specially commissioned work, and a programme of brilliant national touring shows which reimagined different places and spaces in our community, beyond our walls.

Touring shows included:

  • Swings, by All or Nothing aerial dance theatre
  • City Breakz, a contemporary breakdancing showdown from Room 2 Manoeuvre, also the recipients of a #TramwaySupport residency
  • Nutshell Theatre's Allotment, a two-hander which took place in The Hidden Gardens
  • Niqabi Ninja, an audio performance written by Sara Shaarawi, presented by Independent Arts Projects.

Beyond Walls Commissioned Works:  

To read about the artists who were specially commissioned, the events they brought to the community, and how the programme was designed, follow the links below. This record of the season includes films to watch online.

Header image: Zenga the Titan, part of performance pop-up programme, Traffic Light Cabaret. Photo by Still Motion Arts