DIG 2015: 5 Tangos & Exalt - a new commission by Marc Brew

DIG 2015: 5 Tangos & Exalt - a new commission by Marc Brew
Date 24th - 25th Apr 2015 Price £16/12.50 All ages Location Tramway

World Premiere 

“Dancers that demand your attention and leave you gasping for more” - The Scotsman

Scottish Ballet is delighted to be part of the first edition of Dance International Glasgow, bringing an inspiring double-bill that breaks the boundaries of ballet.


Indepen-dance 4 & Scottish Ballet - EXALT

Choreographed by Marc Brew
A collaboration with Indepen-dance 4

Exalt explores the human interaction of relationships through physical conversations.

5 Tangos

Exalt will be paired with Hans van Manen’s 5 Tangos, a sizzling work that combines classical ballet with the passion and dramatic flourishes of tango, last performed by Scottish Ballet in autumn 2012. Van Manen’s enthusiasm for sensual, powerful choreography is at its peak here, exploring the breadth of tango’s moods whilst hinting at the dance’s rich, dark history and using the explosive physicality of ballet to full effect.