Skye Reynolds and Khamlane Halsackda: S/HE

Skye Reynolds and Khamlane Halsackda: S/HE
Date 17th Jun 2022 8.00pm - 9.00pm Price £5 Location Online Book tickets Tickets via Eventbrite. Once registered, bookers will be sent a Zoom link in advance of the performance.

Part of Tramway Beyond Walls

S/HE is an online performance by dance artists Skye Reynolds and Khamlane Halsackda. It's a journey between two friends attempting to make a show live on Zoom.

She’s in Scotland, He’s in Sweden. Together they create a hands-on collage which alludes to visual art and draws inspiration from historic and contemporary heroines. Curious about their bodies and mindful of ‘the gaze,’ they explore how technological and gendered perspectives impact the way we see or want to be seen. What does corporeal intimacy mean when we’ve been so physically distanced? Can they find sanctuary, empowerment and the human connection we all crave, even in the digital realm?

Skye and Kham first met and collaborated in 2012. This project began three years ago and is touched and sustained by their inquisitive, creative friendship. The performances are a window through which they interpret and transform their experiences of ‘making art’. Reflective, playful and vulnerable, despite ever-shifting terrain it’s a moment to dance together. 

ACCESS: Closed captions & Live Transcript

Audience notes
Contains some nudity 
Recommended for ages 16+

This project is formed of 2 parts artistically and thematically connected: 

Part 1: ‘S/HE’ - this online presentation

Part 2: ‘Into Flesh’ is a live, on-stage performance when the artists finally meet in person, in 2023. 


Performed & directed by: Skye Reynolds & Khamlane Haalsackda
Music / Sound Design: Edel Griffith
Additional music: Tallulah Rose
Dramaturgy: Lucy Suggate
Technicians: Stefan Stanisic & Jesper Berger

Co-produced by Tramway, Inkonst, Bombina Bombast. 

With additional support from Dance City, Stenkrossen & Nya Rörelsen

With thanks to The Work Room, Critical Path, Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Dans Centrum Syd, Graham Adey, Alexander Storey Gorden, Claricia Perinussa

Funded by Malmö stad, Lund kommun, Tramway, Inkonst