Shotput - Totentanz

Shotput - Totentanz
Date 15th - 16th Sep 2023 Price PREVIEW: £6/£8 otherwise £10/£8 Location Tramway Book tickets 0845 330 3501 0845 330 3501 Bookings subject to transaction fee, £1.50 online, £1.75 by phone

Friday 15 September, 19.30pm
Saturday 16 September, 2pm 

Saturday 16 September, 19.30pm 

What if, when we die, we don't need to balance our accounts? What if, instead, we need to make a dance? A dance of death. 

Totentanz is a new piece of theatre from Shotput that approaches death with celebration and an open heart. 

In a dance hall, two performers try to create the perfect dance of death - and fail each time. Over the course of the evening, they try out different shapes, different styles, different (sometimes glittering) costumes - trying and failing, laughing, kicking, and screaming, all in an effort to make the perfect totentanz. A cry against the unknown. A final dance at the afterparty. Witness their outrageous struggle, and peer into the mystery of death, and life. 

Shotput is conducting a photographic project around Scotland working with members of the community to create their own images of death, surprising commemorations of those who have gone. These images are displayed in our immersive dance-hall space for audiences to regard before and after the live show.

Totentanz is funny and unsettling, an intimate spectacle of big dancing, dark humour, and arresting music.

Come and join the dance.

Recommended for ages 12+

Duration - 75 minutes


Co-creators and Performers | Lucy Ireland and Jim Manganello
Creative Producer | Helen McIntosh
Scenic and Costume Designer | Anna Yates
Lighting Designer | Emma Jones
Composer | Cat Myers
Sound Designer | Garry Boyle
Production Manager | Fi Fraser 
Stage Manager | Lucy May Wilson
Technical Manager | Lynn Wiseman
Engagement Coordinator | Eoin McKenzie
Photographic Collaborator | Brian Hartley
Marketing and Communication | Eragona Communications
PR | SM Publicity  

Totentanz was originally commissioned by Dance Base Scotland, Dundee Rep and Scottish Dance Theatre and Tramway as part of LoveDanceScotland. Supported by the Scottish Government’s Performing Arts Venue Relief Fund through Creative Scotland.

The full creation and Scottish tour is supported through Creative Scotland’s Touring Fund.

Photo: Brian Hartley