Artists' Moving Image Festival 2016 - Sunday

Artists' Moving Image Festival 2016 - Sunday
Date Every day from 6th Nov 2016 until 6th Nov 2016 12.00pm - 7.00pm Price Day pass £6/£5 | Festival pass £10/£8 (plus 50p booking fee) All ages Location Tramway Book tickets 0845 330 3501 0845 330 3501

Sunday 6 November, 12 noon - 7pm
(Also on Saturday 5 November>)

Tramway’s annual Artists' Moving Image Festival (AMIF), will challenge the conventions of the cinema space through strategies of disruption, subversion and intervention.

Day 2: Between You and The Screen, Sunday 6 November
Programmed by Ed Webb-Ingall

‘What is alive is not what’s on the screen,’ says filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard, ‘but what is between you and the screen.’ It is this proposition for the cinema auditorium as a social space that is the starting point for Between you and Screen, a day of moving-image presentations that reflect on notions of dissonance and disobedience in the cinema.
12:00- 13:35
Screening Programme and Q&A
"Whatever women do interests me, tremendously. Even if it’s god-awful”
Programmed by Cinenova/Kaisa Lassinaro

Born in Flames (excerpt),
Lizzie Borden
5min, Video, 1983

Lucy Lippard interviewed by Lyn Blumenthal in 1974,
25min, Video, 1974

A Spy in the House That Ruth Built',
Vanalyne Green
29min, Video, 1989
Screening Programme: Poverty of Thought

Programmed by Digital Desperados

Thirza Cuthand
3:34 min, HD Video, 2012
Nabeela Vega
1:32 min, HD video, 2013
How to Stop a Revolution
Kenji Tokawa
10:32 min, HD Video, 2011

Migration - Fareez
Nabeela Vega
7:21 min, HD video, 2013

Digital Desperados
5 min,
HD video, 2016
Migration – Nilofar
Nabeela Vega
10:03 min, HD video, 2013
20 Reason
Feel Tank Chicago
2007, Video, 2007

Charles Newland and the KAKKA Collective
3:46 min, 2016
Performance: Domestic Melodrama
Alice Brooke and Beatrice Loft Schulz

Domestic Melodrama
Alice Brooke and Beatrice Loft Schulz, 30 min, HD Video and performance, 2016
Performance: Potash Lesson, Jamie Crewe
40min, HD video presentation and lecture, 2016