DIG Online: Project X | Lovey and Boy: A Carnival Odyssey

DIG Online: Project X | Lovey and Boy: A Carnival Odyssey
Date 11th Mar - 3rd Apr 2022 Price Free Location Online

Part of Tramway's DIG spring season

Carnival is a time when you can be anyone -from a mighty warrior to a mythical butterfly, or even a cunning trickster! 

Lovey and Boy are best friends, who love to dance, and are excited for carnival time. Boy is discovering more about who she is. With the support of Lovey they embark on a journey learning more about their heritage and about carnival.

This tale of Carnival is a celebration of Caribbean heritage and identity asking: “Who are we? What is our history? And how do we move through the world?”

A playful story of self-discovery, this dance film invites you to join Lovey and Boy on their journey, meeting tricksters and forest spirits along the way.

Lovey and Boy: A Carnival Odyssey will also be screened in an installation at Tramway, from 25 March to 3 April, during opening hours. 

Running Time: 21 mins (made up of 6 short films)

Access: Captioned. Highly Visual / No or Little Text.

Suitable for all ages

Poster photo by Matthew Arthur Williams (@matthewarthurwilliams) 

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