DIG presents - Anna Krzystek: Untitled #0.5 – Who, What And Where Is Anna

DIG presents - Anna Krzystek: Untitled #0.5 – Who, What And Where Is Anna
Date Every day from 4th May 2017 until 20th May 2017 excluding 8th May 2017, 15th May 2017 12.00pm - 6.00pm Price Free - Drop-in - no ticket required All ages Location Tramway

Upper Foyer Film installation
Open Tue - Sun 12 - 6pm  (open till 8pm on performance nights)
CLOSED Mondays

Preview Thursday 4 May, 5.30pm

Untitled #0.5 – Who, What And Where Is Anna is part of Anna Krzystek’s new Untitled Series exploring the premise of Nothing.

A film installation for three screens, the piece explores notions of fact, fiction, truth, the self, the body and the object.

The work playfully captures the slipperiness between fact and fiction through mercurial qualities of both documentary and fictional film making, and the live-streamed incidences of the everyday.

Within this framework of film making, the performer confronts her existential dilemmas. These are expressed through the use of costuming - examining the role of the performer as costumes are put on and taken off. Looking at the performer void of costume and vice versa, the costume void of performer. Costumes as gross exaggerations of the body and as clichéd props for role play are used to distort and disguise the body and, at times, objectify the performer. This transformation to abstracted ‘thingness’ further probes both emptiness and presence intrinsic to the over all premise of Nothing.

Hear Anna talk about her work in an open discussion at 4pm on Saturday 13 May>

Choreographed and performed by Anna Krzystek
Made in collaboration with Simon Fildes, Meri Ekola, Heather MacCrimmon and Rosanna Irvine
Produced by Shift and supported by FST Producer Placement Bursary
Supported by Oblivia, Fabrik Potsdam and macrobert arts centre
Supported by the National Lottery through Creative Scotland