Adam York Gregory & Gillian Jane Lees: Present Tense

Adam York Gregory & Gillian Jane Lees: Present Tense
Date 26th Nov 2016 12.00pm - 5.00pm Price Free - Drop-in - no ticket required All ages Location Tramway

T4, Saturday 26 November, 1 - 4pm (approx)

Present Tense is a task-based performance and experiment that creates and examines tension in an enclosed space.

Gillian moves through the space carefully setting several hundred conventional wooden mousetraps on the floor. Her hands and feet are bare and vulnerable being close to the trap mechanisms. She continues until she is backed into a corner. She then begins the process of skilfully moving through the set traps to exit the space.

Gillian and Adam aim to create a cumulative physical tension through the spring loaded traps and observe if it equates to a growing sense of emotional tension in anyone witnessing the piece – whether the repetition of a task that contains an inherent physical danger becomes more tense when performed repeatedly.

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