Mamoru Iriguchi: At the Ends of the Day

Part of Take Me Somewhere festival

Mamoru Iriguchi: At the Ends of the Day
28th - 29th May 2021 10.45pm Tickets: Access to all Take Me Somewhere festival works and events are via their Festival Pass. Visit their website for info/booking Online Performance Online

A Tramway Performance Now commission for Take Me Somewhere festival (21 May - 5 June)

Zoom Performance with some interaction

*Tickets: Access to all Take Me Somewhere festival works and events are via their Festival Pass. Visit their website for info/booking > *


Turn off all the lights and light a single candle. With total anonymity, enter a dark cyberspace full of strangers. Now, immerse yourself in the sounds of the ends of the day from around the world.

At the Ends of the Day is a late night pirate radio station, run beyond the borders via Zoom. Every time zone has its own DJ, broadcasting for the last hour of their day. 

Each DJ weaves a unique, orchestrated soundscape based on their live outdoor ambient noise. Over this, they layer other end-of-the-day recordings, from countries where the same day has already finished. 

Join the Scottish broadcast and share in the final hour of our day together with fellow strangers. 

You are invited to light just one candle, turn off all your electrical lights, and wear headphones. With a pseudonym, enter dark cyberspace, only collectively lit by candles of the participants. '

Unlike normal Zoom meetings, anything that identifies you, such as your face or your name, is completely absent. At the Ends of the Day is both communal and reflective; a late night antidote to Zoom fatigue.  

Ages 18+

ACCESS: The work is predominantly sound-based with minimal visuals. There is a simple participatory element which will you will be made aware of on booking. Assistance is available if Zoom is an inaccessible platform for you. 

About the artist
Mamoru Iriguchi is an award-winning performance maker and theatre designer with a background in zoology. The Edinburgh-based artist’s performance practice is rooted in his experience and exploration in set, costume and video design as well as his interests in 2D / 3D, liveness / pre-recorded-ness, gender / sexuality, and fairytales / evolution theories. 

Mamoru’s performance work includes: Sex Education Xplorers (S.E.X.) (in development, Made in Scotland Showcase 2021), Eaten (nominee, Critics’ Awards for Theatre in Scotland) and 4D Cinema (Autopsy Award). His theatre design work includes Mincemeat (Cardboard Citizens, Best Design, London Evening Standard Theatre Awards) and Love Song to Lavender Menace (The Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh). 

Mamoru Iriguchi (Scotland): Lead Artist
Greg Sinclair (Scotland): Dramaturg, Co-Sound Designer, Performer
David MacAart (Scotland): Co-Sound Designer, Technical Manager
Asja Mahgoub (Germany): Performer
Jaimie Sutherland (Scotland): Performer
Zhuoer Lin (China): Performer