DIG 21: Barrowland Ballet Community Screening

DIG 21: Barrowland Ballet Community Screening
21st Oct 2021 12.00pm Various Locations View map Film Take Part DIG

Tramway presents an exciting day of Barrowland Ballet dance films, screened live in outdoor locations across Glasgow's Southside (schedule TBC)

Barrowland Ballet is one of Scotland’s most exciting contemporary dance companies. A number of their exceptional short films will be screened throughout the day, including Strings, Loose Leaf Tea, Whiteout and And I’ll Huff, along with work created with pupils from St Albert’s primary school.

Strings explores the rich possibilities for connection, and creative expression through dance. Bringing together Barrowland Ballet's dance artists and young people with complex needs, Strings celebrates children’s ability to take the lead and express themselves physically. The connections are sensitive and intimate allowing the children creative agency in the work. 

Loose Leaf Tea is a comic dance film that looks at the ritualistic role of a cup of tea across three generations of women, from imaginary tea parties to the etiquette of tea. Exploring the connections between generations, Loose Leaf Tea considers the cycle of life from childhood, to early adulthood and into later life, challenging the perception of age.

Whiteout gives resonance to the complexities of bi-racial relationships. Informed by personal experiences from her marriage and as the mother of bi-racial children, Natasha Gilmore explores this issue with honesty and humour.

And I’ll Huff is a loose retelling of the Three Little Pigs in the time of a global pandemic, And I’ll Huff draws on the experiences of its performers to create an intimate portrait of a community in self-isolation. Featuring Wolf Pack, Barrowland Ballet’s intergenerational community company, the piece explores the sensations of longing and fear, whilst celebrating the bonds of family and friendship that keep us going.

There will also be a screening of work created by Barrowland Ballet and the pupils from St Albert’s Primary School exploring being judged for what you are, not who you are.

ACCESS:  Highly Visual / No or Little Text
These films are suitable for all ages 

Funded by Barrowland Ballet, Creative Scotland and the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.
Supported by Young Start.