Cécile B. Evans: AMOS' WORLD

Cécile B. Evans: AMOS' WORLD
Date 14th Dec 2018 - 18th Mar 2019 Price Free - Drop-in - no ticket required All ages Location Tramway

This exhibition at Tramway represents Cécile B. Evans most ambitious installation to date and constitutes the culmination of a three-part installation and video work titled AMOS' WORLD (2017- ongoing). In her work, Cécile B. Evans examines the significance and role of emotion in contemporary societies as well as the increasing influence of new technologies on our feelings and actions. 

AMOS’ WORLD is conceived as a television show set in a socially progressive housing estate. The show, divided into episodes, follows an architect called Amos and the inhabitants of the housing estate. Viewers are first introduced to Amos and some of the tenants, each individual interwoven into the larger infrastructure of Amos’ building. His comfortable perch takes a turn when his perfect individual-communal fantasy for the Capitalist age begins to crumble as the tenants fail to conform to the behaviours he had envisaged. 

Each episode is set within a unique installation inspired by famous Brutalist housing complexes which echo the environments within the three films. Together the works form an allegory for the networked age, presenting a stage on which the person-to-person power dynamics are played out and deconstructed through technological infrastructures. The viewers, themselves first seated in small cell-like units, witness the first fissures in a carefully constructed network as personal and structural power dynamics break down to reveal the possibility of a resolution.

The exhibition is realised as a co-production by Tramway in partnership with Mumok Vienna, Museum Abteiberg and Galerie Emanuel Layr, with additional support from Art Night London with Hayward Gallery and the Madre Museum, and will be the first solo exhibition of Cécile B. Evans' work in a public institution in Scotland.