Sarah Hopfinger - Pain and I

Sarah Hopfinger - Pain and I
Date 8th - 9th Nov 2023 7.30pm - 8.15pm Price £8/£6 Location Tramway Book tickets 0845 330 3501 0845 330 3501 Bookings subject to transaction fees: £1.50 online, £1.75 by phone
"⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Poetic" -The Guardian
"⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Extraordinary" -The List
"Simultaneously abstract and solid.... Beautiful" -Lyn Gardner

What does it mean to care for our bodies, ourselves, and each other in times of personal and collective pain? After a critically acclaimed world premiere at the Fringe with Made In Scotland (2022), Pain and I by Sarah Hopfinger is touring Scotland. A bold exploration into chronic pain experience, Pain and I unashamedly celebrates the rich complexities of living with pain. Layering playful choreography, experimental dance, intimate autobiographical text and original classical music composition by Alicia Jane Turner, Hopfinger asks: 'What can pain teach us?' in this powerful, honest, and compelling solo performance.

A diversely accessible body of work, Pain and I can also be experienced as an audio piece, a graphic score (designed by Michaela Pointon & Rachel O'Neill), and a new installation (designed by Rachel O'Neill). 

British Sign Language Interpreted and Integrated on 8 November.
BSL Interpretation by Rachel Amey.

Seating: Tiered seating bank – one row step-free. All seats have arms and are 38 cm wide and 40 cm deep. Soft seating options (beanbags & cushions) are also available. 

Pain and I has many elements of a Relaxed Performance. Relaxed Performances adapt the theatre environment and ‘rules’ to be more accessible to individuals who are typically excluded from theatre environments because they might find it difficult to engage with theatre conventions or the sensory environment. 

What that means for Pain and I is: 

• House lights never fully go down.

• Audience can move around and leave and re-enter the performance space as they need. 

• General “polite theatre etiquette” does not apply. Audiences are welcome to make noise, stim, knit, and move around as needed and Sarah will say this at the beginning of the show.

• There will be a separate ‘Quiet Space’ or ‘Breakout Space’ in the Upper Foyer open before, during and after the show.

• Sensory kits are available for audience members with sensory sensitivities. These contain ear defenders, ear plugs, dark glasses and fidget toys.

• There is a Social Story and Visual Guide available for this performance.

• Sound levels for this performance have been kept at their usual volumes, with one loud track of music. Ear Plugs and Ear Defenders are available for audience members if they are sensitive to loud sound.

Pain and I can also be accessed remotely, via a Digital Graphic Score or Audio Performance which are available on demand, with Pay What You Can pricing throughout the Scottish Tour here

Audience notes
Contains nudity- recommended for ages 16+
Autobiographical content touches on themes of illness, disability, and depression.

Creative Team
Created and performed by Sarah Hopfinger
Music and Sound Design by Alicia Jane Turner
Dramaturgy and Movement Direction Laura Bradshaw
Lighting Design Michaella Fee
BSL Interpretation Rachel Amey
Publication design by Rachel O’Neill and Michaela Pointon, with images by Brian Hartley
Audio piece and Graphic score designed by Michaela Pointon & Rachel O'Neill

Produced by Stories Untold
Film by Lucas Chih-Peng Kao
Production images by Tiu Makkonen

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