DIG 21: FRAN.K and Collaborators | Living In The Space Between

DIG 21: FRAN.K and Collaborators | Living In The Space Between
Date 13th - 23rd Oct 2021 Price Free - Drop-in - no ticket required See age restrictions Location Tramway

Film installation, free to visit at the following times:

Wed 13 Oct:  8.30 to 9.30pm - Public Preview 
Thu 14 Oct: 11am to 5pm (Hyperpop)
Fri 15 Oct: 1.15pm to 7.15pm (House & Garage)
Sat 16 Oct: 12noon to 6pm (Hyperpop, House & Garage and Techno) 
Sun 17 Oct: 12noon to 6pm (Hyperpop)
Tue 19 Oct: 11am to 5pm (House & Garage)
Wed 20 Oct: 1.15pm to 7.15pm (Techno)
Thu 21 Oct: 11am to 5pm (Hyperpop)
Fri 22 Oct: 12.15 noon to 6.15pm (House & Garage)
Sat 23 Oct: 12.15 noon to 6.15pm (Hyperpop, House & Garage and Techno) 

A love letter to this community, a statement, and a record of queer resilience through dance.

Reviving the club as queer sanctuary during a time of its absence, this durational performance film installation from FRAN.K and collaborators opens a portal into a heady journey through 3 reimagined clubworlds designed by Furmaan Ahmed. With garments styled by Sabrina Henry and lighting by Jazz Hutsby, each world is filmed live in one take by director of photography Daniel Hughes. This show is an accumulation of years spent dancing in clubs across Scotland and featuring a creative team that have largely connected within these spaces.

Performers were invited to show up and dance in the ways they would in a club space. To engage with the set, lighting, music in the moment. A durational improvisation to lose themselves in the fantasy and engage in a trance.

17 exceptional artists across the worlds of club music, performance art, dance, club performance come together in a 6 hour kaleidoscopic journey through a pulsing soundscape. We welcome you to join the dance floor.

Access: Captioned

Audience Notes
This installation contains Strobe Lighting, Strong Language & Swearing, Suggestive Movement

Recommended for ages 16+

Commissioned by Dance Base Scotland, Tramway and Dundee Rep and Scottish Dance Theatre as part of #LoveDanceScotland. Supported by the Scottish Government’s Performing Arts Venue Relief Fund

PUSS / Vogue Scotland Fundraiser
Friday 15 October
Accompanying this installation, FRAN.K and collaborators of Living in the Space Between will host PUSS, a Queer dance party with proceeds going towards Vogue Scotland’s community fundraisers. Vogue Scotland is the platform for and home of the Scottish underground ballroom community, a space for queer trans people of colour to connect and find support. This event takes place at Bonjour.

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Photo by Tiu Makkonen


FRAN.K is a multidisciplinary performance artist working with choreography, persona and visual art in club spaces. Through the mediums of durational art, digital art and cabaret, their work interrogates identity, time, intimacy and dance as a form of healing. Their interests also lie in the intersection of fashion, technology and dance, creating highly striking live art dance work. They believe in clubs as a space of sanctuary and protection for queer communities.


Director of Photography & Editing - Daniel Hughes
Camera Assist - Thierry Fotso
Co-Art Direction, Set Design & Photography - Furmaan Ahmed
Lighting Designer - Jared Hutsby
Laser Technician - Andy Stentiford / Funktioncreep
CPE Lighting - Chris Gillies
Technical Support - Avais Safdar
Sound Production - Simon Matthews Howard
SWG3 Sound Technician - Ben Cummings
Backstage Photographer - Tiu Makkonen
Stylist - Sabrina Henry

Hyperpop: Flint J McDonald, Bronagh Textiles
House & Garage: Vivienne Westwood
Techno: Katie Shannon
Set Assistant Team - Kyle Crooks, Nina Candido, Dhruv Satpute, Freya Fullerton, Jordan Piling

ID.Y Producing:
Lead Producer: Claricia Parinussa
Assistant Producer: Bejal Desai
Assistant Producer: Zoë Charlery
Production Stage Manager - Zephyr Liddell
Production Assistant: Carine Barinia
Makeup Artist - MV Brown
Assistant Makeup Artist - Kala Williams

Performing Artists by section

Hyperpop - Nima Sène, Loretta Crinall, David Ronan w/ DJ’s flirty.lollypop33 & TAAHLIAH
Venue - Bonjour Glasgow

House & Garage - Julian Capolei, Sequoia Barnes, Bronze w/ DJ Plantainchipps
Venue - SWG3

Techno - Rosana Cade, Mele Broomes, Laura Fisher, Nussatari w/ DJ’s DJRyanair, Bonzai Bonner & TAAHLIAH
Venue - SWG3

With thanks to; Thulani Rachia, Nima Sène, Taner Kemeritlek, Sahar Zur, Vogue Scotland, Shoot Your Shot Glasgow, Bonjour Glasgow & CPE Lighting.