NXSA - proxy (2.2)

NXSA - proxy (2.2)
Date 26th Oct 2023 8.30pm - 10.00pm Price £8/£5 concession Location Tramway Book tickets 0845 330 3501 0845 330 3501

Part of Take Me Somewhere Festival 

proxy (2.2) is the first iteration of a sonic practice expanding an ongoing body of work which considers parallel multiplicities of existences, criticality in/and/as/of care and the interrelated, invisibilised systems of enduring colonisation. 

Developed through The Centre of Somewhere residency 2023 and featuring collaborator Roby L E, the performance s(h)ifts through assemblages of found sound, samples, text and live synthesised material meditating on inevitability, disembodiment, fissure and the potentiality of the void. 

and the moon was once a part of the earth too 

and on these micro and macro, historical and now 

The same cycle 

glacier to stream 

the tear happens when the ice melts, the plate cracks

just bigger now or we see smaller

that ink could be erased with water

and ocean granite remains

and the island,  

yes she remembers

Please note - dimly lit space. BSL Interpreted by Ali Gordon.

May contain loud sounds. The space is dimly lit with haze, with seating options around the central performance space. Audience members are invited to take a place and/or: rest, listen, witness, move (around the periphery), come and go; with awareness of those in the space with us. Staff will be available to support access needs and guide in entering, moving around and exiting the space.