DIG 2015 Double Bill: Marc Brew (World Premiere) & Tamsyn Russell

DIG 2015 Double Bill: Marc Brew (World Premiere) & Tamsyn Russell
Date 26th - 27th May 2015 Price £11/£8 All ages Location Tramway

Marc Brew - For Now I Am

Following on from Brew’s acclaimed Remember When, which recalled his training and body as he knew it as an elite ballet dancer, For Now I Am engages directly with his body as it is now, 18 years on since his life-changing car accident, investigating and exposing his changed form.

Featuring Brew’s signature physicality and expressive storytelling and striking projections by Jamie Wardrop, For Now I am explores the journey of getting to know and learning to accept a changed body and new ways of living and performing. Marc Brew Company creates work in collaboration with disabled and non-disabled artists, drawing on the unique physicality of each performer creating dance that is honest, unsentimental and recognisably human.

Tamsyn Russell - Purging Suite #1 

Purging Suite #1 was developed by research into human re-birth which introduced Russell and Foster-Sproull to American Quaker Jemima Wilkinson (1752-1819). Upon a miraculous 'awakening' from Typhoid in 1776, Wilkinson was reborn as 'The Publick Universal Friend', and never again responded to her birth name. In reference to this, concepts/images surrounding rebirth, psychic channelling, illusion, auras, darkness and succumbing to 'the will of something/someone else' were explored to populate the choreography within this work.

Sarah Foster-Sproull (New Zealand) Choreographer and performer Tamsyn Russell (Scotland/New Zealand) came together in January 2014 to create this work.