Vikram Iyengar: Full(er) Circle

Vikram Iyengar: Full(er) Circle
Date 19th Aug 2022 7.00pm - 9.00pm Price £8/£6 (tickets subject to transaction fees: £1.50 online, £1.75 by phone) Location Tramway Book tickets 0845 330 3501 0845 330 3501

A rare opportunity to see Calcutta-based dancer/choreographer Vikram Iyengar, whose performance work and creative processes are rooted in the principles of the kathak dance form.  

In Full(er) Circle, Iyengar explores new ways of departing from and returning to kathak in a journey through various solo pieces, inviting fresh perspectives along the way. ‘Frame’ lays out a kathak canvas in the conversational style typical to a kathak recital, while ‘Arrival’ sketches various relationships we can have with a power larger than ourselves, drawing on the different genres and languages of Indian spiritual music and poetry.  

The live performance will be followed by a screening of ‘Water Bodies’, a short dance film made during the devastating second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic in India. Responding to social, political and environmental concerns, it is also part of Full(er) Circle. Everything is created from the fundamentals of kathak; yet, is everything here kathak? Does the familiar become unfamiliar, asking us to re-align our relationship with it? As we travel full circle, do we find ourselves arriving somewhere else from where we began?

ACCESS: Highly Visual performance

Running time: Approx 120 minutes inc screening and Q&A

Image: Vikram Iyengarin Arrival, photo by Kunal Chakraborty